Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Arini nak asyik masuk contest je,best gak contest2 ni kan.kali ini masuk contest anjuran
&ita Maternity.

korang nak join contest ni tgk lah syarat2 nya k
My Cutest Baby Nice Smile

Nama:Alya Syazwani Binti Ahmad Sabri Putra
Umur:1 Tahun 6 Bulan

As a token of appreciation to my friends and customer, &ita Maternity would like to having a giveaway.I've been thinking, these are what I'm going to offer:-

Long Sleeve cardigan with your own choice of color


Set of 2 Combimini slip socks

To participate, you just need to do the followings :

  • Add &ita maternity banner & links to your blog lists

Create your own banner at!

  • Please attach your most cutest with smile baby photo in your blog(sekeping jek ek)
  • And lastly, email me your participation at Don't forget to leave your blog name/email.(comment box problem x tau naper, so email ek, sorry sgt..)

The contest will run for one month until
23 December 2009 . The winner will be selected based on the most cutest smile. I will announce the lucky winners on 25 December 2009.


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